About Us

Pine & Company CPAs specializes in accounting, tax planning, tax preparation and consultation.

Our team of professional accountants have more than 200 years of combined experience in the areas of accounting, tax, business management and finance. Whether you are starting a new business, need to get caught up with years of neglected books and/or taxes, need help taking your business to the next level, or are an established business looking to improve profitability, we are the team to get you there!

We serve the entire DFW area with a convenient and centrally located accounting office in Keller and have the technology to serve clients all over the world. We are always looking for ways to improve our client service. One of those distinctives is that we provide monthly accounting and tax services with the option of billing you on a monthly, fixed-fee basis. We’re even willing to custom design our services to meet your growing and changing needs.

For the cost of hiring your own internal bookkeeper, you could hire our entire team of business accountants and CPAs. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust over time so that we can become a valuable resource for you and your business.

Vision and Values

Our vision as a company is to offer unsurpassed accounting and tax services to all of our clients. We will earn client trust as we become their partners, not merely their CPAs, simplifying their accounting, financial and tax needs and helping them grow and manage their businesses. We value the following:


Serving Christ by serving others as He directs our path.


Being people of our word and treating others as we would have them treat us while fulfilling our promises to our families, teammates, clients, and associates. Striving for perfection yet, when we make a mistake, owning up to it and doing everything in our power to make it right. Serving Christ by serving others as He directs our path.


A commitment to excellence in all of our engagements, including the conduct and attitudes with which we perform the services we provide to our clients.


Fulfilling the plan that God has for us in a culture of enthusiasm, respect, dedication and fun.