Is your CPA just doing data entry or actually driving results?
Because your business needs more than a basic bookkeeper.

By now, you know better than anyone: there’s more that goes into your company’s finances than just basic number-crunching. Between tax preparation, cash flow, payroll, and more, business finance is a complex matter.

That’s why your accountant should offer more than just basic bookkeeping or tax services. Instead, turn to the experts you can trust as your advisors, your business coaches, and your partners. Turn to Pine & Company.

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What Makes Pine & Company Different?

At Pine & Company, we strive to move beyond the traditional accountant-client relationship. Instead, we work to build a strong, personal relationship with you and your business to ensure that your financial situation is always monitored and optimized – from top to bottom.

When you choose to work with us, you get a team of trusted financial experts who:

Provide you with personalized services based on your unique needs
Proactively monitor your tax situation all year – not just during tax time
Offer guidance and advice for your most important financial decisions
Won’t ever try to sell you investments or make commissions from the advice they offer
Work within a positive and supportive company culture which keeps the team motivated  and ready to serve you at all times

In addition to these services, Pine & Company proudly offers SuccessWatch, a specialized business consulting service that’ll grow your company and help you rise above the competition – and it’s unlike any other in the DFW Metroplex.

Who we are:

Pine & Company is a CPA firm located in the DFW Metroplex which serves clients locally, nationally, and internationally. We strive to work for you with unmatched integrity and professionalism – period.

Leslie Kalina

Senior Accounting Manager
“Clients want accountants who are happy doing what they do, and our culture bleeds into how we treat our them. We really want to be there for them professionally and personally so that we get to know their businesses and the best way to service them.”

Mike Pine

Managing Member, CPA

“We try to do everything in our job with an integrity that counts.

Why hire Pine & Company? Because we’re good. We believe in the product we offer. Our company core values are Faith, Integrity, Professionalism, and Passion. By keeping those four core values in mind, we’ve built a culture here that serves our clients well.”

Greg Gillaspy

Senior Tax Manager, CPA, CFP
“Pine & Company has a small-firm feel but also has the personnel to do what larger firms do. We operate in such a way that not only are we accessible by phone, we can help our clients no matter where they are in the world.”

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