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COVID-19 Update: IRS Extends Filing Deadline

By March 21, 2020 News, Taxes
IRS Extends Filing Deadline 2020

NOTICE: IRS Extends Filing Deadline

In addition to the already-announced 90-day grace period on tax payments otherwise due on April 15th, the IRS has now extended the filing deadline by 90 days.

The new deadline for filing is July 15th, 2020. This extension applies to all taxpayers who would otherwise be required to extend or file on April 15th.

Thankfully, at Pine & Company, we continue to function at near-normal and full capacity thanks to our fully cloud-based operations. If you are a client of Pine & Company CPAs, we ask that you continue to work toward sending your tax-related documents to us so we can at least get your tax returns finished before April 15th, while still leaving open the option to file, and/or pay until July 15th.

Clients, please keep us posted, as we are continuing to grind out all the tax return data from you to complete your tax returns on time.

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