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Our Tax Services

Because many of us at Pine & Company have worked as independent CPAs in the past, we know how difficult it can be to properly manage a client’s taxes as a solo practitioner. So, as a team, we conduct a multi-step quality review process which provides each and every tax return with multiple sets of eyes before filing.

During each level of review, we make sure all data has been properly entered, that we’re not missing any deductions or credits, and double-check all of our calculations. By the time your tax return reaches its final level of review, it has undergone extensive vetting. This process allows us to look at the bigger picture at the end.

A Proactive Approach

We offer our clients much more value than a typical CPA by proactively planning for tax season ahead of time. In other words, we prep for tax season all year instead of waiting until January 1st. We stay involved in your financials to prevent an unnecessarily large tax bill come tax season and we always take every opportunity to improve your tax situation.

By managing your finances this way, we add value and save you money. We’ve had individual clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars in one tax season simply by planning ahead. Last year alone, we saved our clients millions of dollars.

If you’ll consider us your partner rather than a CPA you have to “report” to, we can help you save money, too.


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