Don’t Wait Around for Tax Season.

Start Preparing Today.

Taxes may be one of life’s certainties — but that doesn’t mean the process is easy. Tax planning for your small business can feel daunting without the help of experienced tax professionals.

Pine & Co. Offers Proactive Tax Planning for Your Small Business

Our number one priority?

To save you money by minimizing your tax liability.

How much does tax planning cost?

While the average tax planning service costs between $1,500 and $2,500, it often pays for itself with the significant savings you receive from expert tax analysis and strategy.

Our tax planning service is priced according to our standard hourly rates. Generally, the more time we can devote to your plan, the greater savings we can uncover. We help our clients save millions of dollars each year by ensuring they pay the taxes they owe — and nothing more.

At Pine & Co., we know exactly what to look for to save your business money and prevent IRS penalties.

Pine & Co.’s 4-step tax planning process begins as soon as you reach out. That’s because the sooner we’re involved, the more we can help you take advantage of advantageous tax strategies before the year’s end.

Our tax planning services often include:

Kick-Off Meeting

Meeting with you ( in person at our office, or via phone call or video conference) to fully understand your business is key. Our Pine & Co. tax accountants will explain any new applicable tax legislation and gather the documentation they need to run the numbers.

Number Crunching

Once we have the records we need, we’ll go to work planning a projection of your tax liability and cleaning up any accounting work. During this step, our team’s multi-step quality review process finds and eliminates costly errors.


Once our actionable tax plan is complete, we’ll meet in person or virtually to discuss our specific recommendations as well as answer any questions.

Expert Resource

After your tax plan has been prepared, our tax team remains available to you as a resource during filing and as you look ahead to next year.

Act now!

Our deadline for 2019 tax planning is December 9.

Get the help you need to get ahead of the 2019 tax season. Contact Pine & Co. now to get started.