Strategic Business Coaching

Strategic Business Coaching

With Pine and Company’s business coaching services, you’ll get help crafting a business plan that sets your company up for success with potential investors. In addition, a solid, well thought-out business plan frames the focus of the early days for a new company and plants seeds for how to grow in the future.

We start by helping you discover the most basic elements of your company: your products, your target audience, your competitors, financial processes, the company’s financial health, and what sets your company apart from others in the industry.

Next, we’ll work together to outline all the financial components of your business: capital needs, operating┬ácosts, income projections, and equipment purchases.

From there, we’ll help you understand the markets, identify any weak points your business may have, and strategize timelines for specific campaigns.

Finally, we’ll guide you in determining what staffing needs you have, which skills will best meet those demands, and what management plan should be in place to oversee employees.

Think of us as a knowledgable sounding board with financial expertise or like friends who want to see you succeed, because we’re both.