Xero Services

Xero is a cloud accounting software that allows you to use automation or mobile devices for your bookkeeping. Our Xero services range from doing all of your bookkeeping entries to training you or a member of your staff to use Xero to meet all of your accounting and financial management needs.

Xero Setup

Xero is flexible and easy to use. You or your staff could probably set it up yourselves, but if you would prefer having an accounting professional set it up for you, we’re here to help. 

Hiring us to setup Xero will save you time by:

  • having us review your current accounting system and having us implement the new accounting management software.
  • determining your best start date and loading balances as of that start date, including outstanding accounts receivable and outstanding accounts payable as of that start date.
  • preparing the list of services, inventory items, non-inventory items, any additional charges, and sales tax that you will bill to your customers.
  • entering any transactions as of your start date into Xero.
  • offering a monthly, quarterly, or annual review of data to make sure you are on track for tax preparation and the necessary management reports to build your business.

Xero Training

One of our Xero experts will meet with you one on one to introduce you to the system and teach you what you need to know. This training includes demonstrating how you can access the system on your mobile device so you’re not tied down to a desktop device or a singular location.

Reset Xero

If you have eased your way into using Xero and learning to utilize the software to your advantage, you may find that your records could use a little “housekeeping.” Let our accounting software expert assist you with a “clean-up” service in which we prepare you for tax time, review your finances, or simply help you to organize your system for maximum efficiency.

The Benefits of Xero

  • Cloud-based
  • Time Efficient
  • Customizable Reports
  • Can Be Automated
  • Easy to Share Data
  • Manage Invoicing and Payments Online