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You’ll likely pay too much in taxes in 2020.

By October 16, 2020 Taxes
too much tax in 2020

If you wait until January to start the 2020 tax process, it’s almost certain that you’ll pay more to the government than you need to.

Most taxpayers provide their CPAs all of their tax information after the first of the new year. At that point, the most we can do is make sure all your income and expense sources are on the correct line of your tax return. If you make the mistake of waiting until January, you’ve lost the proactive ability to reduce your taxes yet this year.

Will you be one of those who pay too much in taxes in 2020?

Everyone should pay the taxes they are legally obligated to pay, but not one penny more.

But unless you’re already one of our clients, you will likely pay too much. Just like you paid too much last year. And every year before that.

So how do you make sure you are taking advantage of most, if not all, of tax-saving opportunities that are legally available to you?

Reserve your Tax Planning Session with Pine & CO, CPAs. 

For those who reserved a tax planning session last year, we achieved a median tax savings of $20k.

We helped a doctor from Dallas do a simple restructuring of his practice income stream and saved him at least $20K per year, every year going forward.

We can do this because only 0.5% of the tax code is dedicated to charging taxes, while 99.5% of the tax code provides deductions from taxable income or credits against tax. The code is written to help you legally avoid taxes and keep your wealth!

Here’s how to make sure you don’t pay too much in taxes in 2020:

  1. Meet with Pine & Co in November or December — before it’s too late to make adjustments for 2020.
  2. Provide all your sources of income so that we can draft what your taxable income will look like for the current year.
  3. We look at already-achieved deductions and credits and then provide opportunities to reduce your taxes before the end of this year.

We can’t guarantee tax savings, but we can guarantee peace of mind that you aren’t leaving money on the table. 


We have a limited number of sessions available. A regular Tax Planning Session costs $1,900 or more. 

If you book before Oct.31st, you’ll get an Early Bird discount and save $300.

Our schedule will fill up. Reservations are first-come-first-served, so don’t wait.

Reserve your Tax Planning Session >>


When you sign your name on your 2020 return, you’ll be confident that you have paid the taxes you are legally obligated to pay, but not one penny more. 

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until January to start the 2020 tax process. If you wait, you will lose most of the ability to reduce your taxes to the legal minimum. If you wait, you will pay more than you owe.

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Once we have your 2020 tax plan in place, we can go back in time, usually up to three years, and get your back money if you overpaid (which you almost certainly did). 

When we meet for your session, remind us to tell you the heartbreaking story of a new client who had overpaid by $1,000,000 (yes, he paid one million dollars more than he owed). Spoiler: the government kept it because he didn’t come to us in time.